Book: A Friend For Einstein


What happens when Disney Publishing meets Einstein, the smallest horse ever born?

A Magical Book is created, entitled:
A FRIEND FOR EINSTEIN. The Smallest Stallion

The book features full-color photographs of the spirited little stallion and a series of adorable creatures.

This inspiring story about finding a true friend will bring joy to nature lovers of all ages.

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Join Einstein as he overcomes the unique challenges that come from being such a small horse in such a large world. Imagine a horse weighing less than a small cat and no taller than a cereal box. Too small to play with the herd, Einstein has to find friendship outside his world of horses. An uplifting and inspirational story about what it means to find a true friend.

A FRIEND FOR EINSTEIN: The Smallest Stallion, is a labor of love, written and photographed by Einstein's owners, Charlie Cantrell and Dr. Rachel Wagner. They are excited to share a rare glimpse into the personal life of their little stallion with the rest of the world.

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Early Praise for A Friend For Einstein:

"A tiny horse is adorable. That is all you need to know about 'A Friend For EInstein: The Smallest Stallion' "

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